COMLEX and USMLE for USAF residencies?

Discussion in 'Military Medicine' started by spicedmanna, Jan 5, 2009.

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    I am a USAF HPSP MS-II at an osteopathic medical school preparing for boards, Step I. It seems the overwhelming conventional wisdom is for osteopathic medical students considering civilian ACGME residencies to take the USMLE Step I in addition to the COMLEX. However, seeing as I am going to be participating in the military match, does this advice still apply? What is the general attitude in military GME about this? I am happy to do what is needed, but I don't want to hop on the bandwagon and take an unnecessary test. It isn't as if there's no risk to it...

    I'd appreciate any advice or comments... If it helps any, I'm currently thinking I want to go into IM.

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    The military states that DOs need only take the COMLEX, but individual PDs may give more weight to the USMLE (purely speculative, though). Are you Air Force? If so, take the USMLE, as the possibility of civilian deferments become greater the more hospitals close to inpatient services (ex. Malcolm Grow) or joing with other hospitals (ex. Wilford Hall)

    I would recommend every DO student considering applying to ACGME residencies to take the USMLE. More doors will be open that would not have been opened before.

    Benefits of doing well>>>>>>>Risks of doing poorly!!!!

    May not matter that much for IM, but you may change your mind about what specialty you want to do when you start doing rotations
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    While test scores may be used as a discriminator to separate applicants in highly competitive specialties, military residencies care if you pass. If you are breathing you can land an IM spot these days.:nod:

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