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Jun 23, 2003
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The title says it all. Normally I just scan the headlines in these things and trash them, but this month has a few articles on the COM education process. The read about the PE exam is pretty interesting and may be helpful to anyone who has yet to take the exam and perhaps even those who have taken it. I just skimmed the article but a couple interesting things stick out.

1) Very few failures result from fabrication of information on the SOAP note

2) Most people who fail, fail the humanistic domain, which we already knew.

3) Less than 50 people per year fail BOTH domains, so if you did congrats, you're in an elite group

4) The FAIL rate for first-time takers is 5.4%, second time 12.1%, and third-time takers 21.2% (the tenth digits might be off as I'm pulling them from memory after skimming the article)

I plan to go back and read it so I will update with any useful/interesting information I come across.


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Nov 20, 2002
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That's kind of surprising to me since the rumor on here at one point was that most failures were due to writing something that you didn't do on your notes. It's good to get a little more insight into what they're apparently looking for. I remember being terrified of this test just because I wasn't sure what they were looking for.