Dec 8, 2013
Medical Student
Is anyone shocked with their recent score release? I took mine back in July 2015 and my actual comlex level 3 score is <400. I know I should be happy that I passed and done with comlex forever, but I don't understand how I got such a low score. I got 67% avg (timed and random mode) on combank, read through MTB3, a few chapters of MTB2, and reviewed my comlex level 2/usmle step 3 notes. I spent 5 weeks studying, averaging 7hrs/day. After I left prometric, I felt pretty good. I actually felt better than post-comlex level 2 and I got 500s on that exam. Could this be an error? My performance profile shows low/borderline for emergency medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics and ob/gyn.