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Discussion in 'Medical Students - DO' started by boardprep, Oct 25, 2002.

  1. Step I of the Boards : Medical Sciences with Clinical Correlations
    51 TAPES CONVERTED TO MP3 files on 2 CDS!!!!

    MP3 files play on any mp3 player ( computer, palm pilot, portable, etc.)

    These tapes got me in the 90% on the USMLE and COMLEX
    OVER 80 hours of REVIEW!!!!!!!!

    This set is a MUST for the second-year student studying for Step I of the Boards, and is superb for the first-year student for classes and advance preparation. This set includes a reference manual for linking visual and auditory learning. You will use the advanced microbiology tapes again as a third year student, and again as a fourth year student. Topics covered (51 tapes CONVERTED TO 2 CDS in MP3 FORMAT):

    Pharmacology (7 parts)
    Microbiology (10 parts)
    Biochemistry (3 parts)
    Behavioral Sciences (1 part)
    Cells and Inflammation (1 part)
    Pathology (8 parts)
    Physiology (12 parts)
    Anatomy (4 parts)
    Neuro Highlights (1 part)
    Selected Questions (1 part)
    Neuroanatomy (3 parts)

    * Each part consists of a 45 minute side A and a 45 minute side B converted to 2 separate mp3 files *

    EXAMPLE: "Micro01SideA.mp3" and "Micro01SideB.mp3"

    [email protected]
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    Wouldn't that be 76.5 hours, which is clearly NOT over 80? Hmm, seems suspicious . . .

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