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Community college student(nursing)- transfer to univ/4-year for pre-req?

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by zima, Apr 13, 2007.

  1. zima


    Apr 11, 2007
    After deciding to become a nurse(male) and attending a CC for 1 year now (currently in the clinical portion of the program) I have now decided that I WANT to become a doctor. I have to admit that I was extremely reluctant to even attempt to apply to medical school as I thought it is out of my league. But, after maintaining a 3.9 gpa (CC nothing special I know) and having a relatively "easy" time (minimal studying, had a more difficult time in high school) in the nursing program that many of my peers constantly thought of as "really hard", I have now built up some confidence in my abilities. I would personally regret to not even attempt to become an MD, so now I'm in this sort of "you only live once" mentality and feel motivated.

    So, I certainly do not want to leave the nursing program, as I will have been here at Borough of Manhattan Community College(BMCC) for a year and a half and another year and a half till my associates and then become an RN. I have also completed all of my required courses toward the A.A.S. in nursing; I only have the 8 credit/semester nursing classes, so I have a LOT of free time on my hands. Plus, being an RN is a very stable economic support that would help pay for college expenses and provide the much needed clinical experience.

    BMCC offers biology 1+2, organic and general chemistry 1+1, and physics 1+2. I have( I assume) 2 terms of math- one being basic algebra and another a nursing math course( math is math correct? course named MAT104). Do not care much on the matter of which medical school I attend, so I assume I would not need any advanced level science courses. I have read other posts about taking pre-req courses at a CC, but how about taking all pre-req science courses at a CC? I know generally a the pre-reqs taken at a CC is usually looked down upon, but am worried about taking every science pre-req here.

    I do plan to transfer to a 4 year/univ to attain my bachelors in nursing mainly because it would be the quickest route to a bachelors, a good backup degree, and also more $ to pay colleges expenses.

    After all of my blabbing, here is my question:

    Would it be better to just attend a 4 year/univ simultaneously while I finish up a rather easy nursing program, or just take the pre-reqs at my CC now?

    Here is a link to my CC's science course list

    O and another worry of mine, why is the general chemistry course termed "College Chemistry I and II"? I know it is a general chem course and pre-req to organic chem(which is termed correctly) but should I worry about this being acceptable as a general chem requirement? All the science courses are with labs.

    First post! /Dance Muhahahahah Darn, at least the first post that mattered :)
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  3. vixen26

    vixen26 2+ Year Member

    Mar 28, 2007
    OP, if you're serious about being a doc, I would try and get as many pre reqs from a four year as possible. I had one A&P class on my transcript from a summer where I was also getting an EMT and was asked to explain it at several interviews. I think it does make a difference. Plus it sounds like you're motivated so why not make the jump.
  4. zima


    Apr 11, 2007
    Yeah, that was also my immediate response. There are many 4 year colleges that I can attend in NY with very low tuition costs, and if I am truly serious about being a Doctor I should probably avoid the CC route.

    So my options now are to attend a 4 year/univ this fall, take a few pre-reqs while simultaneously attending BMCC for the nursing program, and then after a year and a half I will be an RN and be able to apply for the RN to BSN program. Then finish the remaining pre-reqs while I am completing my RN to BSN program.

    So the average time most premed students take the MCAT is during their junior year, so for me that would be 1 year into my BSN program correct? I am also confused as to when I should complete my research and shadowing? Should I still do volunteer work if I am receiving my clinical experience from working as an RN? There is a research course embedded into the BSN program, would that count towards my app? If it would not, what can I research being a non-science major?

    I should pickup the MSAR book, gonna do some more searches here.

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