Mar 29, 2010
I've recently become very interested in pursuing an MPH. I'm most interested in community health (or whatever else schools call the concentration) or possibly epidemiology. I'm finishing my senior year of undergrad, and I'm wondering how good of a candidate I would be for the fields. I'm preparing for the GRE, but here are some other background details:
I'm a biochem major (with an english minor) at a large public university, 3.9 GPA. I was a resident assistant in a dormitory for a year, and I've been a TA for several different positions, 11 sections total: physiology lab, prep TA (preparing solutions and equipment), head TA, chemistry TA, and biology recitation TA. I'm currently a specimen processor at a clinical lab, and I'm going to work on a project through November that would involve writing a paper, making educational materials, and giving a lecture at a freshman-level class on the causes and methods of slowing antibiotic resistance. Also, I hope to participate in an international week-long mission trip to a third-world country, possibly Haiti.

Any feedback? If you're employed in the field of community health, what do you do and what would you recommend?