Community vs. University Programs

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May 5, 2000
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Hello, all!

My advisor is, obviously, at a university. As such, I feel a sort of bias on her part when I inquire as to the benefits and drawbacks of community-based programs, as well as those that are university based (or affiliated). I'd like a few more thoughts: what advantages would a community-based program have?



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Apr 5, 2002
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I encountered the same attitude from the program director in medicine in my school. As far as disadvantages of a community program, dor OB/GYN the following would apply: 1) most likely less exposure to the subspecilaties like urogyn, gyn onc, MFM and REI. 2) If you are interested in doing a fellowship it is helpful to be in a university program. 3) may have more exposure to different hospitals: a number of university program residents rotate between 2-3 hospitals. E.g. in my school they rotate between an middle-upper class hospital and a high risk children's hospital. 4) bigger program may allow for more flexibility if you are planning on starting a family in the next 4 years as tey have more residents to cover for you.
Advantages of a community program: 1) small, personal feel. 2) See most of the bread and butter. 3) Possibility of better work hours (though this can be not true). 4) easier to get in to.

I can't think of anything else. Personally, it is more important for me to have good comradrie and treatment of residents than a name. Plus, it is important to do many surgeries because it is harder to gain experience with this than with OB.
Hope this is helpful,