Communting Med Students who live @ HOME!

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Smile'n'Wink MD

This goes out to current med students living at home. I have two options:

1. Living close to the med school and forking out the expensive rent

2. Live at home and save on the $700+ Rent, but suffer the difficulties having my parents in my business ALL the time and having a harder time studying. My home is 20-30 mins from school.

Any input? :confused: Thanks in advance!

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right now i'm looking at a situation very similar to yours for next year, and if i end up in the school in the same city as the 'rents, i will most definately NOT be living at home. whatever the cost is, it's worth it to retain your sanity. i couldn't imagine being 22 years old and still living with my parents if not for some extenuating circumstance.

also, commuting sucks and is an uber-waste of time.
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my sister tried living w/mom & dad during dental school. didn't quite work out. 2nd year she just took out more loans and paid the rent to live in the city, by school. it was worth it for her sanity (imagine dating in that situation!!).

maybe give it a shot at home for a semester or two? then you can change your mind if it's not working out.
I live at home (I'm an M2) and have for the duration of med school so far. Yes, it can be a little annoying at times, but it's also nice to have someone doing the dishes, laundry, cooking, etc. If you are going to live at home, though, I would suggest taking some measures to ensure you have your own privacy and space. For me, that involved adding my own entrance to my room, and making up some privacy guidelines - i.e., when my door is closed I'm NOT AVAILABLE.

To each their own, I guess. Figure out what's important to you, and tailor your living situation to match it.