Comp students who took summer anatomy


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Oct 16, 2003
Hi, I was hoping for some feedback from those that took the summer anatomy before their first year. I was wondering how your schedule was during the school year compared to those that did not take it.

How much more laid back was it, did you have a lot of more free time. Thanks for your response.

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Aug 5, 2003
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i'm not at COMP yet, but i plan on taking ISAC in June.

I've talked to a few MSIII's who've taken it, and it really depends on how you study, what you already know about anatomy, etc. One student said he would absolutely take it again, because it was easier to get higher grades when he only had to study one thing, and benefited from getting to help other students during the regular semester. he said he learned anatomy very well, and was even able to earn some extra $$ tutoring.

i was told that since your anatomy grade has the greatest weight in your GPA, and since you get extra points for passing ISAC, it is easier to get an A for the entire course. if you can study well in a very intense 6 or 7 weeks, then you might want to do it. if you want to relax before the storm of MSI or have any gut feeling that it might not be a good idea, maybe it's not worth it.


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Oct 25, 1999
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I didn't do the summer anatomy...but instead did the SAPP program, which was more an intro to anatomy.
ISAC is a good program, and depending on your previous experience...will be really worth-while.
It moves at a helaciously fast speed, and depending on your study style, and abilty to memorize vast amounts of information quickly, it can save you a lot of time during 1st semester.
There are some caveats that I recall from my classmates...
--in order to successfully comeplete ISAC and get full credit(be a "TA" during the fall) you must have an 80% overall or better.
70-79% will get you a passing grade, with an opportuntity to "retake" parts of the exam with the rest of the class(from what I recall)
below get no credit, and have to retake the whole course and run the risk of being burnt out before school starts..which is dangerous.

The summer programs give you a chance to meet and bond with fellow classmates, and get adjusted to the school which I think was for me, Invaluable.

If you are not selected for ISAC...SAPP is a very viable option, and really shouldn't be overlooked.

I know melancholy on SDN is a fellow classmate of mine, who was a hopefully he will add his .02

You can also check past there have been numerous past threads and posts on SAPP and ISAC

Best of luck to you all!!!!
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