Competitive hospitalist offer for Southeast for new grad?


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Dec 4, 2019
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    Do you think this offer is competitive? Anything unusual in the offer? Also, do you think there is a low vs high chance of burnout with this position?

    -Corporate group; non-academic position ; mid-size city (100K-200K) in Southeast
    -Community hospital of 200-500 beds
    -12 hour shifts, mostly 7 on 7 off with opportunity for extra shifts and average 15 shifts per month
    -$130/hr base for day shifts x minimum average of 182 hrs per month = $283,920 per year (assuming minimum time commitment)
    -$5 per wRVU bonus + up to 10/hr quality bonus = $45-50k per year (assuming minimum time commitment)
    -$20k sign on bonus + $5k moving allowance (both prorated for 2-year commitment) paid as W2 (so total compensation is around $340-345k per year if including the sign-on bonus and moving allowance)
    -$2k CME allowance per year
    -18-20 patients per shift; some PA/NP help but will be mostly direct care with attending only; no admissions when on rounding shifts (there is a dedicated admitter); surge plan in place to call extra help when census is large to keep census close to around 20 (though not guaranteed that it will be found)
    -Closed ICU; do not need to place lines, cover codes or rapid responses
    -No non-compete clause; can leave with 90-day notice
    -Malpractice insurance with tail coverage included
    -Usual health, dental, vision insurance (but there is a waiting period of about 2 months before it starts); 401k available but no match
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      What’s the avg census, highest census, and did they give you a current hospitalists phone number?

      you don’t put expiring incentives in the “i get paid this much per year calculator”. They stop and you don’t get to keep it in later years so I wouldn’t tell myself I make 320/yr because of a moving van reimbursement


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      Apr 18, 2012
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        20 patients per shift sounds a bit rough if it's all direct care by you alone (although the acuity of the patients matters too; see sb247's bit about having a current hospitalist's digits). I also hate the 12 hour shifts 7 on / 7 off. The on weeks are brutal as many will attest to (which is not to say there aren't those who make it work). The rest sounds good.
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      • Jan 22, 2019
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          Isn't 2k CME allowance low? I usually see 5k

          How many weeks vacation?

          Can you negotiate for 401 match and higher CME allowance?

          I think the 18-20 average census is high...
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