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Competitive Students at SGU?


Junior Member
15+ Year Member
May 27, 2000
Palm Beach, Fl, USA
    Other SGU students have touched on the fact that the students work very hard at SGU. That may be reflected in their average step I scores. How is the sense of comunity between the students. In my experience at competitive graduate programs, small groups form that are very loyal to eachother, but as a whole the class is not cohesive. Does this reflect SGU students, as a generality? Or is it everyone for him/herself? I would be very appreciative of your feedback with this issue, Thanks.

    Carbon Klein

    Senior Member
    10+ Year Member
    15+ Year Member
    Apr 23, 2000
      There is a sense of community in SGU because you're with 250 other Americans/Canadians who are used to a way of life and now are dumped into a developing 3rd world nation. Beyond the experience of living in such a place, the students are quite competitive. Some students are laid back, but a good number of them are very intense. Rumor mills are vicious at SGU. Back stabbing is not uncommon and a lot of conflicts are known amongst all the gossip mongers. With the new dorms up and running, I can only guess that the intensity will only rise.

      I never studied in the lecture hall or the library because the most intense students always studied there. They're up to 2am studying and sometimes will pull all nighters. How crazy is that? The results? Median scores of 85% on exams. They do curve at SGU, but it's always to the benefit of students. If the average is 85%, then a C will be 70%. If the average is 55%, then a C will be 55%.

      I have heard rumors about back stabbing activities of a few students. For them, it's everyman for himself. Most of my close friends from SGU (who are still amongst my closest friend in the whole world) are quite good and are definitely not back stabbing. So it really depends on who you attract and who you choose to surround yourself with. I lucked out by surrounding myself with some quality people.

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