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Complete DIT course for sale


New Member
Apr 19, 2012
  1. Medical Student
Hey all,
I got DIT when I had no idea what I was doing for board studying and was freaked out. I have never been into watching review videos and sadly I realized way too late that DIT uses it's videos as a foundation for the course. I am going to stick with just reading First Aid and other books, as reading is what works best for me. However, I have heard amazing things from classmates who prefer the video format for studying and from past classes that have used DIT and have done really well. I am sure if you are interested you know all about it and so I won't go further into it. Basically, I am trying to sell the program with all of emailed question sets and access to the online course. I haven't started the course and have only logged on once actually so it's pretty much unused. You can begin whenever you choose and so you will be getting pretty much the same access as you would if you bought the course retail. I believe the course was around 700$ when I bought it last semester and I am offering it now for $450 OBO. PM me with any questions or if you are interested. Thanks and happy studying!:)
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