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Complete TBR Set and TPRH Verbal Workbook


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Aug 31, 2010
    For sale:

    Brand New Berkeley Review Complete Set - (Available)

    Chemistry I
    Chemistry II
    Biology I
    Biology II
    Organic Chemistry I
    Organic Chemistry II
    Physics I
    Physics II
    Verbal Reasoning
    Writing Sample
    $270+ $30 shipping

    Books are in brand new condition, I bought them in May 2011 from TBR itself but did not need to use them. Compared to Berkeley Review's relatively slow system, I will ship these books out to you shortly after payment and you will have them in a matter of days.

    Used TPRH Verbal Workbook - (SOLD!!!)
    $90+ 10 shipping

    I went back to circle all answer choices so you can't tell which one I thought was correct. This will not affect your learning and it won't be distracting as you take the tests. Great value overall, and you will get the best verbal practice out of this book.

    All sales are final.
    For fastest transactions please be verified with Paypal.
    Will sell to whomever sets up trade first, PM me and post here if interested

    :) Have a nice day
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