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Nov 17, 2003
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i Cannot believe this is happening to me. I am MSIV trying to take my step 2 with the next week but I have this eternal dilemma as to should I read or do qbank. This thinking takes most of my time and then I finally decide to do q-bank. I get 50's- discouraged, I say to myself "I don't know anything , I better read".
Then I take a one hour preparation to read (going to starbucks, and getting a location to read and then I stare into space). Boy, my motivation is like 0.
To top it all off, I want to do well, but things are not looking so good right now. Anybody else in the same boat??
Its a painnnnn in the assss.
Worst is the situation where I only have prelim, and my scores for step 2 matter when I try for categorical. AHHH!!!!!!

COncentration PRoblem
Wonder how I ever got through medical school?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Feb 1, 2004
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I had the same difficulty when I was trying to study for step 2 too. It's tough getting used to studying for an exam when you haven't had one in a while. If I were you, I'd finish up Q-bank in the explanation mode (ie click on the answer explanation as you go from question to question, but don't change your answer after reading the correct answer so that you can keep track of your actual performance). It sounds like doing poorly on Q-bank encourages you to read, so I would do 50 question on Q-bank every morning, then read up on the questions that you missed. Once you get tired of reading, go back to doing questions. You should be able to finish Q bank in 2 weeks (~100 questions/day). If you feel really stressed and aren't getting anything done, I'd advise taking a short break by watching some TV or reading something non-medically related. Then, when you feel ready, hit the books again. Those coffee stores don't work for everybody too, some people can't concentrate with the background noise. I would just read wherever you are doing your Q bank questions. Good luck!
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