Medical Concerned about Letter Writer Angrily Contacting School

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Mar 22, 2021
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I am worried that if I quit my research job, my PI (who wrote one of my letters) will be angry and contact the school I plan on matriculating to. Could this get my acceptance rescinded?

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I don't think this will rescind your acceptance.

I think even if your PI was bitter enough to contact the school, they would write them off as a crazy person, not rescind your acceptance.

IMO I think you should quit if you have the acceptance and are feeling miserable.
Agree with above. I don't think you'd have an acceptance rescinded over this unless your PI was tight with someone on the school's committee or something specific like that. Even then, I'm not sure that would happen.

If you think your PI is that vindictive to possibly pull off something like that to begin with, it's probably time to get away from them.
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