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confused about prereqs and OTCAS calculations


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Sep 23, 2010
    Hello everyone
    I noticed that certain schools require that we take sociology one OR cultural anthropology as a prereq. I first took sociology years ago when I was first starting out at CC and received a C. A couple years later I took cultural anthropology and received an A. How does the OTCAS calculate that? Obviously I'd rather have them count cultural anthropology instead of sociology especially since we're given a choice, but I don't know how that would work through the system.

    Second part of question.. if I received a C in a lifespan psych course, but again years later received an A in developmental psych...is the system just going to average the two since technically they're considered the same class?? If the OTCAS doesn't count prereq retakes then my prereq gpa isn't going to be very impressive because of these couple classes I took years ago... :/

    Guess I'm confused on how it calculates prereq
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    Feb 19, 2013
    1. Pre-Rehab Sci [General]
      If you have retaken courses OTCAS will average the two courses together. I retook a few classes and my overall GPA went down a little bit from my original GPA on my transcripts. Not as much as I expected it to though.
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      Nov 24, 2012
      1. Occupational Therapy Student
        OTCAS does not calculate a 'pre-req GPA' since every school has its own set of prereqs. I think the schools calculate the pre-req GPA themselves. Most schools take the higher grade but you should check with the admission counselor for each school.
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        Dec 11, 2012
        1. DPT / OTD
          I wasn't sure which post this would fit under but for those applying for next year make sure if you have AP Exam credits from high school for prereqs, make sure the schools you're applying to accept AP credit. I was caught very off guard thinking AP exams would count, but many schools require a letter grade, not just "credit".
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