May 17, 2014
Im unsure how i should enter my course work. I completed a Radiology program through a local technical center and had a choice of either just doing the program and getting only a license or doing the program along with a few extra courses through a local community college and then the community college would somehow combine all my classes with their required extra work and i was awarded an Associates of Science degree. Now had I only gotten the license this would be simple and I would enter those courses as "professional" and they wouldn't matter for my gpa. But since the community college I guess technically accredited them for me to be able to get an associates should they be part of my "undergraduate" courses. Or should i only enter the extra required material for the community college as "undergraduate" and still enter the radiology program courses as professional. The radiology courses show up on my transcript from the community college but i know some people who did the program and did not get an associates degree with it. Im extremely confused myself so this whole description is probably confusing as well. I read the guidelines on the aacom app 82472384823 times and i can't seem to grasp if i fit the bill of professional courses or not!