Connection between the glenoid fossa walls and contacts

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Dec 26, 2005
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I am having some difficulty understanding the very basics of dental occlusion. Please feel free to help if you feel that you can comfortably answer these questions or explain the relationships. If you cannot help answer or explain, perhaps you can recommend a multimedia or video illustration that can help in understanding these basic, yet difficult, concepts.


Can anyone explain any of the following statements:

1-in the working side of an excursion, position of the superior wall of glenoid influences the cusptip-to-opposing-incline relationship.
2-in the working side of an excursion, position of the posterior wall of glenoid influences the position of the occlusal lingual groove of the mandibular molars.
3-in the balancing side of a lateral excursion, the medial wall of glenoid is parallel to the distobuccal groove of the mandibular first molar (working or balancing side molar?).

Can anyone answer any of these?

Is a larger angle of cusp inclination tantamount to a higher cusp/cusptip?
How does the relation between the condyle and the eminence affect cusp height?