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Jul 5, 2010
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Hello everyone,

After reading around these forums for quite some time I have noticed most people find the nbme's and Comasae's to be somewhat predictive. My problem is that I seem to be consistently scoring below what I get on my practice tests. Here is the data:

Step 1 real score 241
NBME7(2 months out):242
NBME 15(2 weeks):249
NBME 17(1 week):252

Comlex 1:620
COMSAE E(2 weeks out): 685

UW avrg 1st pass: 78%, 2nd 1/2 pass 90%
USMLErx avrg: 90%

Flashcards+first aid throughout 2nd year

Although I am happy that I did well overall, it is a bit frustrating to be dropping so much on the real exam. On exam day for both tests I felt very calm and collected and had zero issue with timing. I even finished comlex about 45min early, maybe I am being careless on the real deal? The questions on comlex were a bit lopsided in my weak areas but the step 1 I thought was very representative of Uworld. Any thoughts? Anyone else have this issue? I really do not want to repeat this on step 2ck, any advise is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for input!