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Dec 31, 1999
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What is the consensus is regarding contacting an interviewer directly after having interviewed at an MD school and being given a deferred status? I interviewed at a school in early October, and my interviewer and I really connected and had a great conversation. I already felt (feel) like I am a great match for the program, and my interviewer echoed my sentiment, stating she would advocate strongly for me as an applicant at their admissions meeting. Despite this experience, I was given a "deferred" decision about 1.5 months after my interview.

Supposedly it is not impossible to get an offer after being deferred, so I want to do anything possible to increase my chances of getting an offer, as this program is my top choice. So, I am wondering what would be my best course of action at this point. Should I compose a "letter of intent" and send it to the whole admissions department? Or would it be appropriate at all for me to contact the interviewer with whom I really connected, just to remind her about my interview...? I just don't know which route might get me more attention (in a good way). And for the record I did already send my interviewer a hand-written thank-you note, the school having supplied us interviewees with our interviewers' physical addresses. Thank you so, so much!
You've got a good overall application - which is why you're deferred vs. rejected. While there is some disagreement, I and others believe it is appropriate to send a short and thoughtful thank you note to those individuals at the school that you feel you connected-with and would help your application. You already did this -- good job!

If you want to send a follow-up note, it should highlight something new that would benefit your application. Again, it should be short and pleasant and not a sales-pitch. Remember docs and administration get a lot of emails and mail daily -- they don't want to read something more than a few lines long.

Hope this helps!
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