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May 31, 2009
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Hello everyone, I wanted to contact TBR and I couldn't reach them. I saw couple threads here and they have the same problem. Shall I send my check for the stuff that I need? from now? since my MCAT is this September?

Btw: do they have explanations for their practice tests? and scores?

Thank you :D
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Anybody who used the tests? do they have detailed explanations? and what do they mean by they will send the scored by e-mail? they won't give it to you after you finish the exam? If anybody already took these exams, please share :) Thanks!

Sometimes I think they don't respond because it adds to their mystique or something.

The CBTs are a great source, and the explanations are in-depth. If you search the threads, someone may have posted the test curves, but you still have to grade them yourself. If you can't find the curves and end up purchasing the tests, PM me and I can send them to you.
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