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Oct 9, 2004
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Sorry guys- I just felt that this thread could not have been closed without a few final words:

Yogiberra is obviously someone who has little to do with his time except pride himself on knocking down D.O. students.

That said, let me just point out some things to ya'all:

1. DO's were forced to become MD's in California in the early 1960's... although some did so by choice, many were unwilling but eventually acquiesced under the threat of their medical license becoming invalid. The AOA fought off the AMA's efforts to prevent this sort of thing from happening anywhere else. So, as you can imagine, if all DO's really had had the hidden ambition of putting an M.D. after their names, it would not have been terribly hard, given the degree to which the AMA has tried to assimilate the AOA over the past half century. By the way- if you're a student at UC Irvine Med, or are applying there--- that used to be a DO school!!!

2. All DO's receive a medical education in the United States- so, as a patient, you know you are receiving quality medical care w/o checking which school the doc went to. From a third to half of all MD's in the United States, like Yogiberra, who I think should get his MD from Easter Island Med School, are foreign medical graduates. Although many foreign medical schools are excellent, you will find that the majority of MD's w/ foreign diplomas graduated from what we would consider schools with little to no reputation. Also, in a recent survey of patients who have had experience w/ MD's and DO's, 90% responded that they prefer the DO.

3. Yogiberra may have a point that most pre-med students envision themself as MD's, and those that end up going to DO schools are disgruntled at first. I truly feel, however, that when those DO students end up working with, and receiving the same exact salary, for the same exact work that an MD does, this uneasiness quickly dissipates.

Anyways, I think we really need to set a precedent for the type of thing started by Yogiberra to NEVER happen again on this forum. We are all pre-meds or med students... and we will all end up working together someday, regardless of what initials we have after our names. Hopefully, as future professionals, we can act like mature adults and not rip on each other over trivial issues such as this one.