continue with undergrad, graduate and other contingency plans..

Aug 14, 2017
I'm resolute on applying next cycle (June 2018). Mostly because i'm not getting any younger and want to be done with residency by 40-41. I have some shaky stats behind me.

2005 4-School 1: 1.7 cGPA
2006 CC school 2: 2.7 cGPA
2007 CC school 3: 2.8 cGPA

Time void.
2015 CC school 4: 3.3 cGPA crap grades at first, but pull A's later, able to talk top 20 public Uni into letting me attend.
2015-currently: 3.5 cGPA, have yet to apply for graduation.
Technically, over the course of a decade, it's been an upward trend...(I won't attempt this humor at a interview.)
Doing all this while working at least 40 hrs/week, making rent came before making grades.
Clinical exp: 250+
Clinical vol: 250+
Gen volunteering: tutoring, mentoring, fundraising with underprivileged kids: 100+
Shadowing: 70
2 LoR's from Profs coming, planning on 1 more from Docs i'm shadowing, and an endearing one from an employer

Though AMCAS is going to recalculate and serve up some disgusting GPAs to the schools I want to apply to. Probably a cGPA: 3.2, sGPA of 3.0 (this being due to achieving a 0.0 in 10 science credits with my first foray into college). I'm hoping (provided i'm not auto screened out) the allopathic schools I apply to, focus more on the uGPA 3.5 from the more recent work at the prestigious university, as well, I feel a 510 mcat would merit a nod of approval. (Aiming at freshly opened schools and any schools that show love to the non-trads. Suggestions?)

My contingency plan with this is postponing graduation, (i'm essentially done with my BA, just need 2 classes and to fill out the paperwork) so that in the event I'm not accepted anywhere, I can take another years worth of classes to boost my GPAs with my undergraduate fafsa tuition prices. In this sense, i'm doing post-bacc work without the bacc. If I do graduate, I suddenly have to pay the post-bacc school prices, which would suck.
Is it of any interest for me to graduate? Financially it seems idiotic. Though I'm more afraid how medical schools will view tooling around at the university for 3 years? Considering i've had the ability to graduate? As well some schools will place more emphasis on the post-graduate work...

Call me crazy, but also let me know your thoughts.
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