Medical Cooper Medical School Receives $1.75 Million Grant

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    Cooper University Hospital​

    The Cooper Medical School of Rowan University received a five-year $1.75 million federal grant to be used to address the primary care doctor shortage in the U.S.

    The school plans on putting the money towards its primary care training enhancement project, an initiative to transform primary care education for all medical professionals, including medical students, residents, nursing students, nurse practitioner students, and PA students.

    According to Dr. Annette Reboli, vice dean at Cooper, the focus of the program is to help build a “larger and better equipped” primary care workforce with a goal of developing an accelerated primary care track for those students who wish to pursue careers in pediatrics or internal medicine. The program will also encourage greater diversity among primary care practitioners.

    “We hope to build a prototype training environment that can serve as a model [for other medical schools],” says Reboli.

    Source: “Medical school gets $1.75M grant to target primary-care doctor shortage


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