Technology - 20 GB free - Dropbox alternative - more backup in cloud!

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Apr 2, 2008
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2,523 for 15 GB + 5 GB free cloud storage back up. Access the file any where you have internet! Your phone, in campus, your house, all in sync! If you use the link I list here, you will get an extra free 5 GB (1 referral) + 15 free GB (starting account) = 20 GB total right after you sign up.

If you need extra space, buy it for $15 from, to get an extra 2200 GB. That's what I did, best money ever spent in Fiverr LOL.

This is where all my important document get saved/backed up. They are all in the cloud; it is better than Dropbox, it has very generous referral bonus 5 GB/person vs. 500 mb/person @ Dropbox. So far, I have 2305 GB capacity!

I put all my important document, tax doc, homework, project, and ebooks. Also I put all my music, and all my photos up in the cloud! Not afraid anymore of hard drive failure and I can access it anywhere...

I just gotta share with you all! It's a better/more generous cloud back up service alternative :-D

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Interesting - thanks for sharing.

One big advantage that Dropbox, Box, etc have right now is third-party integration. Hopefully these guys get on that too.
For a hardcore media user who always need more space, I just added in for you ;-D enjoy cheap cloud backup storage!