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Mar 5, 2021
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  1. Pre-Medical
EDIT: I'm new to SDN and realized there was a better place to post this. I couldn't find out how to delete the forum post and imagine that's because a moderator with more access has to do it.


I did poorly (in my opinion) on my Boston University interview, so I was very surprised to have been accepted and given a scholarship today. My girlfriend will be living in the Boston area and my brother will be nearby.

Before today, because I did poorly on BU's interview and almost all my other schools had rejected me, I decided to write a letter of intent to Cornell and hopefully up my chances of getting in. I have not received any decision from Cornell, and it seems like they may not send those out until after March 12.

I know that makes my comparison pre-emptive, but my pre-med advisor recommended that I be honest with Cornell and tell them, "I submitted this letter of intent when I had no acceptances from other schools. I would like to be transparent and let you know that I do have one other acceptance with a scholarship now." She said they could decide what to do with that information... (Is that a sketchy thing to email?) I really want to understand the differences between Cornell and BU very well before I do anything. If I do end up liking BU more, I would want to send that email before Cornell makes their decision since that seems more honorable to me then backing out of a letter of intent.

Based on the interview days alone, Cornell stood out more to me. I also had the merit of meeting some great M4 students through Cornell's interview day, though. The BU students I interacted with were subpar, but the information session was very appealing.

I am interested in the arts, philosophy, and pedagogy (hoping to become a clinician-educator), so I want a school that has opportunities for me to pursue those fields too.

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