Cosmetic Surgery?

I know this is often frowned upon, but I REALLY want to practice cosmetic surgery. Reconstructive is cool, but at the end of the day I just rather deal with the cosmetic patient. Please don't burn me for this...

So, I'm currently a PGY1 cat gen surg resident and had accepted up to now that my plan of action would be 5 of Gen Surg followed by 2 of PRS. The other day an attending mentioned there are other routes of going into cosmetic surgery, without the traditional 5+2. Anyone know about this? I've heard about the 'cosmetic surgery' fellowship, but really know nothing about this. Is it legit? Does it require a full 5 of GS?

Basically I want to hear all you PRS peoples opinion on how I get from A to B ('A' being my GS residency and 'B' being a sterile office offering boob jobs botox and blephs). Is 5+2 the way to go or are there other REAL options?



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    You would be far better off doing a real plastic surgery fellowship. Reason being you have to be able to eat while you are building your exclusively cosmetic practice. If you have a certificate from a plastic and reconstructive surgery residency you will have an easier time getting privileges and you will be able to eat while you are building.


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      No, "Cosmetic Surgery" Fellowships from the American "Board" of Cosmetic Surgery are not legit. They are shady at best. Just look at their training requirements on their web page. Also, I am pretty sure all of the "great" plastic surgeons - Nahai, Baker, Mustoe, Hammond, etc.. did not go the shady path. True broad PRS training is necessary to be a solid cosmetic surgeon. Anyone can learn an endo brow, and anyone can do a crappy job and ding the nerve too. If you skimp on training your results will speak for themselves. Plus you'll get lit up in court if sued.
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