Could a psychology course count for a science LOR?

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Oct 4, 2020
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One course I am taking is a fourth year seminar course titled "Neuropsychology of Abnormal Behaviour" that covers the neuroscience/neurology behind cognitive defects.

Course Description:

"This is a seminar-style course that provides an advanced introduction to the study of brain behaviour relationships. The overarching objective of this course is to provide students with a survey of major clinical neuropsychological disorders that impact attention, memory, language, executive functions, processing speed, visual-spatial abilities, and motor functions. Students can expect to learn: i) how disrupted neuroanatomy and neurophysiology relate to specific patterns of cognitive, emotional, and other behavioural features; ii) basic approaches and issues related to evaluation of various neuropsychological disorders; iii) neuropsychological approaches to treatment of major disorders; and iv) current issues and trends in the broader field of clinical 2 neuropsychology. Readings for this course will be drawn from various sources and combine classical neuropsychological theories with cutting-edge research in clinical neuroscience."

The other course is "Neural Basis of Behaviour"

Course Description:

"This course will review the neural bases of behavior from a cognitive neuroscience perspective, with an emphasis on human cognitive function and dysfunction. Initial lectures will consist of a general introduction to functional neuroanatomy, cortical organization, and the various methods used by cognitive neuroscientists. These will be followed by lectures focusing on specific areas of cognitive functioning and related disorders (e.g., attention & neglect; memory & amnesia; language & aphasia, etc.). Case reports will be used to illustrate key points. Students will explore findings from cognitive, neuropsychology, and neuroscience studies to understand the relationships between brain, behaviour, and cognitive function."

Anyone know if one of these or both could count as a science course for the LOR requirement? I already have one science LOR from one my prereq courses so i just need 1 more. I don't really have a proper relationship with any of my other science profs as it been 3 years since i have taken my science pre reqs so ideally if either of these could work as science course that would be great.
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Jul 26, 2009
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1) course classification based on course description is for use solely by AMCAS for GPA calculation

2) each individual school makes the determination for itself on what is or isnt science LOR

3) the title of the instructor is, in my view more important. For example
Dr. John Smith
Professor of Neurobiology
Dept of Psychology

4) a few schools, like CWRU, will not accept a letter from any psych prof as science. And some evaluators at any school may not be impressed with these as science.

5) most schools will likely accept these as science but it behooves you to read each school letters specification on their website as well as followup with each after submission that these fill
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Mar 24, 2020
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In my opinion, I would err on the side of caution with application-related things. I think that if you can get a hard BPCM LoR for this requirement, then you should. If you can't, then you gotta work with what you have. I'm not an adcom though so my opinion probably isn't worth much lol
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