Could Someone Please Tell me how to find Scribing Companies to Apply to? (Any location, not ScribeAmerica)

Jun 4, 2020
  1. Pre-Medical
Hey guys! I am graduating next May, and I'd like to take a gap year doing clinical scribing. The only problem is, whenever I google "Scribe jobs" the only things that come up are random jobs on Linkedin, GlassDoor, and Indeed, and I never seem to hear back from any of them. I applied to a scribing company in my area, but I am placed on the waitlist as they currently do not have open shifts. After graduation, I am open to relocating to other cities (I have socioeconomic privilege, which I'm very grateful for). I was wondering if people could tell me some companies around the United States that directly hire and interview scribes. Boston is my preference, but I'm open to other cities. I have tried ScribeAmerica and ProScribe with no luck. Are there smaller companies that recruit locally? ScribeAmerica just seems so big and it is so hard to get in touch with anyone there.
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