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Counseling internships in primary care and DBH at Arizona State University


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Jul 31, 2011
  1. Psychology Student
    I took the time to read through some previous threads on the DBH program at ASU. I am wondering if a year later anyone is in this program or has more information on it? I noted on other posts that people were skeptical of it, mainly because it didn't follow a traditional route. At the same time people stated that the traditional/APA route was failing them and the profession. Mind you, I attended an undergrad school that was so rigorous and off the beaten path that it took some time for it to receive accreditation. I'm not a firm believer in some of these stodgy organizations like the APA, but understand why they exist. I am currently finishing up my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Community Counseling and am contemplating continuing on with a Phd. Has anyone gone through the DBH program at ASU? There are other certificates and degrees to break into the medical/behavioral health care system? Is there a way for me to get an internship at a hospital or primary care clinic? Has anyone received any of these post master's certifications? One that I saw on the web was Drexel University's Medical Family Therapy cert.
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