Couples Match and new NRMP rank order list of 300 cap

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Jul 24, 2014
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Hope someone can help me answer this problem: NRMP recently decreased the number of rank order list slots to 300 from what used to be 700. From my understanding and what I've read, the most important thing in the couples match (if the priority is to match) is to make every permutation of every interview. So if both partners had 10 interviews each, that would make 11x11 (adding in the no match codes) = 121. If both partners had 17 interviews, they would be unable to make every permutation as 18x18=324. Is there a way around this, or did the NRMP just make it harder to successfully couples match?

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I don't think you will end up doing 18 x 18. Let's say if both of you have 9 interviews in the NE, and 9 interviews in the west coast, you will only do 9x9 + 9x9, and maybe a few more (if you do not care about being in the same place).
Your math is correct, and there were some threads about this last year. Some couples who were both going for competitive specialties had enough interviews such that not every combination was rankable. You would have two options - couples match and not list all combinations (which will slightly increase the chance of not matching), or not couples match which maximizes your chances of matching (assuming you interview at less than 300 places) but lose control of being together.