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Oct 28, 2014
Hello everyone, specifically career changers--

Are course loads factored into how adcoms select students?

While teaching full time, I take 8-10 hours of science classes with labs, while earning As and Bs (mostly
B+ grades).

Unfortunately I am unable to solicit sound advice from advisers at my school due to their lack of knowledge about handling career changing nontraditional dental/medical school applicants.

If it's not worth the hassle, then I'll adjust and take less hours to focus on more As.

Thanks for your feedback.


In my opinion:
Best option: get A's with a heavy workload
Good option: get A's with a lighter workload
Understandable option: Get B's with a heavy workload
Whoopsie: Still get B's with a light workload

Might as well email anyone on the admissions committee of a school you're interested in. They're pretty accessible in my opinion. They don't prejudge you or anything.
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