coursework question on AMCAS????

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May 9, 2006
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hi everyone...just had a quick question on the AMCAS application. I had repeated a class and on the old grade was replaced with letter "R" = repeated and new grade was assigned. so on the AMCAS in the coursework section, do i put letter R as I would enter the class info for the first time for that course and then renter the course info with acutal grade i received after i repeated? OR do i just put the grade i received when i repeated?....just want to make sure...i think the first part is right :confused:

And also for repeated courses, if i enter letter grade R, then do i check the box that says Repeat in the Special Course Type at the bottom of the page or do i check the box when i reenter the course info with the new grade??????

Thanks for ur help!!!!!

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