COVID-19 and Premed GPA ??


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Dec 13, 2019
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I am a student at a state university known for STEM/Engineering and a southeast asian female. I am majoring in the "pre-medical science" major after switching from first semester Biology major. Currently, I have a 3.0 cGPA and a 3.12 sGPA and am extremely stressed about getting into medical school. In high school I was able to earn a 4.38 GPA and loved all of my stem classes, and got a 30 on the ACT. I also completed two high school internships at hospitals in my area, and I have already accumulated over 100 hours each of shadowing and clinical volunteering and cannot see myself doing anything else. I am a freshman and got high B+'s (feel extremely snubbed and could have gotten A's in orgo I and bio II in person). Literally missed an A in Orgo by 15 points after exhausting other options. I am the VP of philanthropy in my sorority and have planned events to raise over 10,000 dollars for a children's hospital and intend to continue to raise more money in the future for this cause. I had extreme difficulty in the transition to college, especially with learning style and staying focused. This was worsened moving online and I eventually sought help and am diagnosed with ADHD and have taken steps to improve.

Bio I: B
Bio II: B
Bio I Lab: A
Calculus I: B
Gen Chem I: A
Gen Chem II: B
Organic Chem I: B+
Organic Lab: A
Psych: C (retake for an A though)

My advisor seems to be under the impression that med schools will be forgiving with this semester's grades, seeing that many have struggled to learn the material taught over Zoom calls, and that there is a large incidence of .... external help that is associated with online exams/courses. Is this true? I did not want to P/NP any of my classes because they are just B's but reading some of the posts on this website make B's seem equivalent to F's and has definitely got me worried about... alternate careers. I intend to retake some classes over the summer to help boost my GPA, will this be enough? Will this semester be taken seriously by medical schools, seeing that there have been multiple cases of cheating online, and simply taking coursework online is already no 1:1 replacement nor indicator of in-person success?
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