COVID-19 Got the best of me

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Mar 7, 2014
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Welp, I did not think I would be a victim of this pandemic, but sure enough I felt the effects.

2 Family member's tested positive, I can not concentrate at home, struggling in biochem online.

My last quarter, Biochem is the last prerequisite I need for my degree and applications,
MCAT scheduling aspirations disappeared.

At this point, my school is allowing us to take any class as Pass / No Pass , which I am leaning on doing for biochem to prevent wrecking my GPA.
I contacted CA med schools about this issue and they said they will accept Biochem grade pass/No pass, so theres something good in the bad.

This situation sucked, I was excited for my last quarter at school and graduating but it has became a nightmare.

That is all.

Stay healthy!