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    Aug 28, 2014
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    Hey everyone. I took my NAPLEX less than a week ago who knows when my results will be mailed to me, but I'm starting to prep for the CPJE which is in a couple days! I'm starting to freak out I'm now using pharmacy charts to go over all the storage and pharmacy counseling tidbits for as many drugs as I can while trying to get the dosing down for like 200-225 drugs, (I have about 140-150 down so far). I took the sample CPJE which was out of 70 questions and only got 49 right which is a 70%. I haven't studied like safety, or IV compatibility and etc. yet and surprisingly I missed just about every law question on there which was about 7. Do you think I should reschedule my exam a couple days to a week later to prepare more? I know I was pretty close to a 75% on the pre-exam but I was guessing on like 30-40% of the questions and happened to get them right(I'm usually a good guesser). I have 3 more days to prepare including today which I've been studying and reading Weisman like a madman but I'm getting slightly discouraged. I plan to review side effects in the APhA book and monitoring too over the next 2 and half days. To reschedule or not reschedule? Oh I also return to work next week so I won't have the entire day to study anymore either.

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