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CPSE (CA) exam

Discussion in 'Psychology [Psy.D. / Ph.D.]' started by Ceuazul, Jun 14, 2008.

  1. Ceuazul


    Jun 14, 2008

    I am in the process of starting studying to take the CPSE exam and am very anxious about it. Does anyone has any tips on this topic? I have not bought the online practice exam, but have been reading about the exam on other materials that I have gotten from a friend.

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  3. drtrix


    Sep 2, 2008
    practice exams and study guides really prepared me for this. i studied for 4 weeks and passed.
    i've got my old study guide if you're interested. you name a price.

    trix [at] jedimindtrix [dot] net
  4. bp1


    Jan 6, 2009
  5. doctorpsyd


    Apr 11, 2009
    I just took the CPSE and studied from the AATBS material for 3 months. I failed the exam by 1 point...I really felt prepared and finished way in advance. Very bummed out and dont know what to do now for the next 6 months...any suggestions thx
  6. psychdr


    Aug 16, 2010
    That's tough,

    You know, I went to a weekend AATB's workshop and a colleague there suggested that he didn't think AATBS's was enough. He suggested to get Psych Prep also. I have the study prep material for the CPSE from AATBs and the on line tests also, but I purchased the Psych Prep online tests too. I think they're harder than the AATB's. They complement one another. So yes I would suggest maybe the addition of the Psych Prep online questions could really help push you over the edge. I hope this helps; I'm sure you'll pass it next time. I'm scared of that 6 months thing too.
  7. DrGero


    Jun 18, 2010
    Nowhere Special
    ... really just a suggestion from my own experience about passing those #*&^#* exams.

    Flash cards. Best advice I can give, is make as many flash cards (by hand) as humanly possible. Spend all your time taking any information that looks like it might get turned into a question on the CPSE (or EPPP, or whatever your exam is) and make it into a flashcard, and just keep making them. By the time I was done studying for the EPPP I had a stack of flashcards about a foot tall (literally), which I had produced over about 3 months of studying. I passed easily on the first try.

    When it came time for the CPSE (which at the time was actually the California Jurisprudence exam), I tried to do less flashcards, ended up with maybe just a few inches worth and maybe just about 1-2 months of solid study time, and I failed the first time. I went ahead an redoubled my efforts, produced a full foot of flashcards again, and then passed.

    There's really no magic to studying for these stupid multiple choice exams. It's just brute repetition. I used AATBS, but there's no magic to their materials - as long as you have some way of knowing the content covered on the exams and a few practice tests and sourcebooks available that can be turned into flashcards (or more practice tests, whatever), you can study for these exams. It just takes lots and lots of time - you have to really commit this stuff to rote memory.

    Here's a link to a nice site that contains some free study materials for the EPPP and CPSE, among other things (no guarantee of quality or whether the material is up-to-date though):
  8. emceeaye


    Sep 20, 2010
    I'm scheduled to take the CPSE next month, and from reading others' posts here, it seems that it's not worth the risk of failing the test and then having to wait 6 months to retake it. So, I've decided to get study materials. I wonder if anyone who has taken and passed the CPSE has recent study materials that they are willing to sell to me. I'm not sure which is thought to provide the best preparation materials, AATBS or PSYCHprep, but if anyone has the home study materials (book + practice tests) for either, it would be great if I could purchase them from you. Please let me know at dumathecheetah at-sign yahoo dot com.

    Thank you in advance for your help :)

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