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Feb 24, 2007
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  1. Pre-Dental
5 PAT tests (~$70)
10 PAT tests (~$100)

Do you feel you gained enough skill and practice from the 5 tests, or would the 10 tests be much more beneficial?
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Jun 30, 2005
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More is always better but paying more is always worse :)
I think 5 was more than enough and going thru 5 of them to review, analyzing them already took about 2~3 weeks for me so unless you wanna spend a whole month for PAT, i think 5 is enough. I think 5 tests should give you idea of what to do and strategy.

But I can never say 10 is worse than 5. 10 is equal or better than 5 but most likely equal to 5 :)

Svart Aske

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Jun 7, 2008
I'm planning on getting the 10 test version. The $30 difference isn't much, especially if you realize that you need more practice than 5 tests.


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Nov 8, 2008
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I bought 5 and realized since they're such great practice that I wanted to do 5 more so I had to pay the 10 dolalr penelty to add 5 more tests to my purchase.

Definatly buy 10 because even if you do well on the 1st 5 (it'll probably be a progression, you start off a little low and by the 5th you'll be much higher) so when you get good, you have a few extra new tsts to test you skills on.


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Jul 20, 2008
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I bought the 10 one, while knowing O don't have enough time, I end up doing 3 of them. But $30 is not that much to debate about.


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Apr 17, 2009
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So I guess the Royal Flush edition (200) would be too excessive, even for the most incompetents of PA?
I would get at least 10, 30 dollar difference (50% increase in price) for double the product. PAT seems to be a section where practice makes perfect.
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