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Apr 5, 2012
Hello, I am an IM resident who enjoys having students around. I have had students and I have crafted a way to get them involved, interested, learning (and above all, not overworked)

Note, this is only possible since I have my own business in order and can spare the time.

For my students, I tell them I want them to emphasize on taking H&Ps and then giving them about 3-4 patients while on service. However, I get here very early myself and often see the patient before them, not to undercut them, but so I can also show them relevant bedside teaching (I am a physical exam fiend)

I let them go to all the conferences and reports.

I walk them through the "scutwork" by telling them precisely how to ask nurses, case managers, social workers, calling outside doctors and then encouraging them to obtain information.

I go through EKGs and shelf exam questions (about 5-10 per day with exposition on the answer)
PIMP questions are limited only to relevant findings in the patient and when we go over shelf questions and I tailor it as close to the level of Step 1/2 as possible. I only comment about deeper MKSAP level information for their own knowledge.

Then above all, I send them home on time or early.

I think I've gotten my students to appreciate IM and even got a few of them honors.
(if they were receptive to learning and gave effort, that's all I need to give them a high score and then convince the attending to do the same as well)

This does not relaly benefit anyone here, but feel free to add to my method so future students can benefit and appreciate IM.
Nov 30, 2013
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Wow. you are very nice...! But do your students do night call? Go to rapids/codes?nI found that was an interesting experience and gave a bit more realistic view of working in the hospital.

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Feb 13, 2007
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You're doing what all residents with med students should do, at least ideally. Don't forget to show them some interesting procedures as well.


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Jan 25, 2007
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Yep sounds like you are an awesome resident! I will say it is nice to get some subspecialty exposure within IM during the clerkship, but that is above the level of you the resident and to the curriculum committee.