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Aug 7, 2001
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I missed the time frame for the other related post. But, totally, you can do well on Step 1 and not have done as well on the MCAT. Conversely, it may go the other way for you. The studies show that there may, in fact, be a correlation between the 2. But there's no reason why you can't break the rule, like me. The point is you never know. I got a 260 Step 1 and scored 30 on the MCAT (which I thought was low). Funny, I did horribly on the verbal MCAT section too for whatever reason. Don't count out needing your verbal skills for the steps since those passages can be long and time is a factor for the majority of people - you need that time to get through the passages.

My advice - forget about the MCAT as long as you've gotten past that point and gotten into med school. No one really cares about it after that. Study your butt off for the boards and I'm sure you'll surprise youself. Good luck.

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Nov 7, 2001
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I believe there can be a correlation between scores on the two tests but a poor MCAT score does not ensure a low step 1 score. The reason I think they are related is that both tests show how much you studied and how well you learned the material. So chances are if you studied very hard for the MCAT then you will probobly do the same for the Step 1. Now I am sure that people know someone who got a 40 on the MCAT and never studied but they are exceptions to the rule.
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