CRDTS Acadental materials and practice teeth

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Jun 24, 2010
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Hi, I had purchased the Acadental "ModuPRO Pros and Real-T Endo Series Kit" and practice teeth to take the CRDTS exam this summer, but then found out that the state I am getting licensed changed their exam requirements and I don't have to take this exam (I already took NERB). I have practiced one time on the module and found out 2 days later that I didn't need to take the exam.

I bought the dentoform with everything that is required to take and practice for CRDTS as well as 10 of each practice teeth for prosth (#9, 3, and 5) and 9 practice #8 endo teeth, and 6 practice #14 Endo access teeth.

I spent $600 dollars on everything from the company with shipping and I am asking $500 plus shipping which will be calculated depending on the shipping location. Like i said it's basically brand new as i practiced for only one day.

Send me a private message if interested! Thanks