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Medical Credentialing for Physicians - what does gaps in employment mean?

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May 10, 2013
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I read on a forum that during credentialing, physicians need to have an explanation for any "gaps" in their CV. My question is: Does this mean any gaps since graduating high school or only gaps since starting medical school?

For example, if you had various jobs prior to medical school and periods of unemployment, would you need to say:
"Worked at grocery store from *** to ***."
"Unemployed for two months from *** to ***." (Between jobs / school.)
"Took a semester of classes from *** to ***."

Does this apply to residency application as well? Do you need to account for every month from high school graduation until starting medical school?

So for residency application, they care about gaps in medical school

For credentialing (I am assuming you mean getting your license) it's more of "did you work as a physician then stop and why" which only applies to specific scenarios of leaving residency, or transferring residency, or as an IMG/FMG who practiced then stopped to take USMLE.

There's no requirement to discuss employment history in high school or college that is unrelated to the practice of medicine.


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Mar 6, 2005
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For residency, you'll need to account for gaps during/after med school.
For licensing and hospital credentials after residency, you'll need to account for gaps after residency. Different systems/states have different requirements. Some you'll have to account for anything >30 days, other >90 days. You just say what you were doing and move on. As long as the answer isn't "prison" or "psych inpatient stay" nobody will care.
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