Crowdsourcing the BCSC ophthalmology Anki deck!


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Feb 1, 2010
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    I started the r/OphthalmologyAnki to ultimately build a dream deck: The BCSC ophtho deck for residents. (2019-2020 version)

    I am calling for anyone who is willing to help: medical students with dedication to ophthalmology, med 4/interns who matched to ophthalmology, ophtho residents, fellows, and even graduates who would like to help!

    Previous experience with Anki/Zanki/Anking is highly appreciated.

    I created a google sheet with a sheet for every BCSC book and a list of every chapters. Every member will mention which chapter he is working on, so others can work on other chapter to divide our work efficiently and keep a track on.

    BCSC deck - Google Sheet document

    There are a total of 13 BCSC books and around 5000+ pages. So dedication is important to build our deck.


    1. Every information must to be included in the decks, but also the info must be as brief as possible (without losing context or omitting anything). Any information that you are not sure about, include it in the extra or notes fields.
    2. Every figure and figure legends (screenshots), and every table also must be added to our cards.
    3. Cards will be exclusively in close deletion style similar to Zanki/Anking.
    4. Tagging system will be based on the BCSC table of content such as: Ophtho::Retina::CRVO; Ophtho::Retina::BRAO; Ophtho::Retina::DME; Ophtho::Retina::AMD; Ophtho::Retina::ContrastSensitivity....
    5. Choose from the google sheet any Book chapter you would like to work on, and mention that on the comment section, and keep us updated.
    I am using a combined ANKIN/SHAMIM Note types, which are quite beautiful and efficient for memorizing. So please use these. Basically 3 fields: Text, Extra, and Notes. Additional info or images can be added in the Notes field. (also notes field can be used for personal addition, and future addition from ophthoquestions or Kanski for example...). Here is a link to the Note types

    BCSC Ophtho Note Type

    Please share you thoughts and raise your hand to collaborate. If you think there are any better tracking system to track our work please comment!

    PS: Till now I created about 4200 cards from 5 BCSC books (cornea, retina, glaucoma, orbit, strabismus). They are not complete, neither perfect. They are not in par with books order (created them based on random topics). I will add to the google sheet which chapters are done based on these cards soon. Used only basic tags like retina, cornea, glaucoma. Happy to share them, we can start form here, or build from scratch.
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