crucial USMLE preparation material (DIGITAL) 2 share

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  1. Hi everyone!

    If anybody looking for preperation material regarding USMLE step1 and step2, I have collected a great database of very helpful material.
    The database is digital so I can share it with you easily.

    If you want to save $$$ and are planning to take USMLE in the near future I would be glad to help you out.

    Just send me an email and I will send you a list of the contents I have collected so far.

    Contact: [email protected]


    Kind Regards
    Dr. Chrismel

    like this:

    - Kaplan 2001 Live lecture notes (3 books in JPEG perfectly scanned on 3 CD's )
    - Kaplan 2002 Video Lecture course (200 h's recorded ) from Feb.-Mar.2002
    - Kaplan Simulated Exam CD
    - Kaplan Question Bank for Step 1
    - Question Bank for Step 1

    - Kaplan 2001 Released Answers
    - First Aid 2000 (The complete book in PDF)
    - Goljan High Yield Notes
    - Kaplan 2001 Released Answers
    - Medschool Schedule

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