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May 30, 2015
1. Is there a difference between cultural diffusion due to globalization vs. cultural diffusion due to amalgamation?

2. Cultural transmission vs. diffusion
TPR says this: "a meme is an element of culture that spreads from person to person; cultural transmission is concerned with how this occurs"
Isn't this cultural DIFFUSION? Cultural transmission is strictly "vertical" exchange of culture - i.e. between generations; whereas I see cultural diffusion as strictly horizontal exchange - i.e. between different social groups. If not, how do you distinguish between transmission and diffusion?
Jan 26, 2015
MD/PhD Student
Wikipedia definition of cultural transmission:

"Cultural transmission, also known as cultural learning, is the process and method of passing on socially learned information. Within a species, cultural transmission is greatly influenced by how adults socialize with each other and with their young."

While cultural transmission is often vertical, it does not have to be. Please note that just because TPR says that something is cultural transmission doesn't necessarily mean it couldn't also be described as cultural diffusion. Sociological terms tend to overlap sometimes.
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