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Nov 4, 2000
sodom, south georgia
it's 4:22 am. have 8:30 class tomorrow. midterms tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. haven't been to sleep before 3 am for the past week. MCAT to study for. letters of recomendation to aquire. phone calls to make. emails to send. AURRGHHHHH..... spring break 5 days away.... ahhhhhhhhh.

seriously though, what do you guys do for insomnia? all suggestions (humorous, serious, stupid, etc) appriciated.

:sleep: (i wish)


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Nov 3, 2003
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get works (just joking)

makes you eat a lot and pass right out
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Apr 25, 2002
Ft. Tulsadale
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I try to cut back on the caffeine. I'd also suggest a couple of mixed drinks before going to bed. White russians or screwdrivers work for me.

If you're desperate, Tylenol sells a sleep aid which is the same ingredient as Tylenol PM without the acetaminophen. Also, like someone suggested before, you could try smoking weed. I would recommend pure Jamaican if you can get it. I hear that stuff will knock you right the hell out.

If none of that works then you better start with the prescription pills.

that dr. jack

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Aug 5, 2003
i'm on yur floor, runnin yur list
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Mastaurbation or a couple shots of vodka work pretty well for mildly stressful nights.

For a really bad night, tylenol #3 (2, or 3 if you really want to feel good) is the gold standard for me because I never feel groggy the next morning unlike with tylenol PM or nyquil. I have yet to try soma, vicodin or the truly wonderful ativan but I've heard they're all nice too. Let all your muscles go limp, and wear ear plugs if sounds aggrevate the situation.


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Nov 30, 2003
Merritt Island, FL
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take an ativan, record that Clear Eyes commercial with that monotone dude and watch it over and over and over. Or you could watch Saved by the Bell re-runs...
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