curious about UMDNJ-RWJ-Camden facilities/ancillary staff, etc.

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Aug 17, 2001
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Hi. Just looking for some input from residents or students familiar with Cooper Hospital, I already put in my ROL (prelim medicine) so it doesn't much matter anyways, but how is this hospital in terms of basic facilities, computer/internet access, library, call rooms, ancillary staff (will I be scutting around or will a phlebotomist be around for blood draws and IVs), general work load, etc. I did interview and tour there, but it's been months and I've been to so many hospitals, it's all kind of a blur....

I know it's a scary neighborhood (Camden), we'll start out living in Philly/Center City because my girlfriend will be starting med school there this fall (hence, the move out to Philly area). Any words on PATCO vs. driving? Recommendations on neighborhoods in South Jersey or Philly?

Thanks in advance for any input.

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