Curious to know whether anyone actually finds the Kaplan books to be adequate

Aug 20, 2013
Has anyone actually found the Kaplan books helpful in terms of content review? It's sad that I've made infinitely more gains using TPR Hyperlearning books within a few days of getting them as opposed to spending months with the Kaplan books. This is a serious flaw on part of Kaplan, and I've found the content of their books to be ranging from, at best convoluted, to worst inadequate or just plain wrong due to typos.

Feeling kind of like I've wasted months of my time struggling with these Kaplan books when I could have just gone with TPR to begin with, but at the same time I'm not sure whether I was only able to make the gains with TPR as I've had due to the content review I've already done with Kaplan.
Jul 20, 2014
I took the Kaplan course and honestly found the EK content review books to be WAY more helpful. Personally, I feel they are better at explaining things and provide better pictorial descriptions. I also feel that some of the content Kaplan provides is too detailed and will most likely not be on the MCAT. And the analogies they try to make annoy me haha.