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Current Students Applying this Year...Confidence?


Full Member
Feb 4, 2012
  1. Pre-Medical
I'm a current junior planning to apply to med school this year...my stats are ok but i have a very low GPA <3.5 (both c and s)...MCAT score is average...ec are adequate with plenty of experience...but worried about applying (still want to do it though)...just wondering if anyone else like me is out there?
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Full Member
Mar 15, 2012
  1. Pre-Medical
My confidence is high, though it will be through the roof when I break 30 on my July mcat. The biggest/only thing I'm worried about is my LORs, specifically from my PI/professor this quarter. I hope all goes well and he's able to write me a letter for both lab and class combined. If he doesn't for some reason then I have no idea who I"m going to get to write me a decent enough 3rd LOR lol.

I'm actually looking forward to applying this cycle, traveling across the US, and ready to take on those MMIs.

Medical school application cycle...come at me!
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And like that... *poof*... he's gone.
10+ Year Member
7+ Year Member
Apr 8, 2009
I definitely wouldn't say I'm confident. More like, "let's just do this already". I have pretty average everything, from ECs to MCAT, so I'll probably be waiting for an answer well into the cycle. If I happen to snag an acceptance, I can't even imagine how relieved I will be. Good luck everyone!
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