Jul 6, 2015
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  1. Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
Hello all! I am currently at a crossroads where I am deciding whether or not to pursue medical school or physical therapy school. After two years of undergraduate I have received a cumulative GPA of 2.909. I retook general inorganic chemistry twice and received a B overall in the course. I then went onto the second part of general inorganic chemistry and received a C overall. Another course I took was Cellular Biology and I received a B in the class over all after missing only one question on the 100 question final. I also withdrew from a genetics class because i needed to focus more on physics and chemistry (where in physics i aced the final exam, the lab, and the class). I also transferred from my university to another one close to home because I felt as though that university was not an environment that was conducive to my learning experience. I feel as though my downfall is procrastination and being too lazy to start my work, but when my back is against the wall I rise to the occasion and get the work done. I believe I can get the work done in order to be a decent candidate for medical school, however I do feel as though I might need to cut my losses while I still can. Keep in mind that I have yet to take organic and biochem. Therefore, what are your thoughts? I want truthful, blunt, and respectful opinions.
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